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  No One Should Have to           Live with Pain!

I had chronic back and leg pain which doctors attributed to scoliosis and arthritis and I attributed to getting older. I figured I just had to live with it. My massage therapist recommended rolfing sessions with Mary, because, he said, no one should have to live in pain.

Two years later, IĀ“m still pain free.I recommend Mary to anyone who has chronic pain.

Diane Mitol, Silver Spring, MD

Additional Services to Support You

To complement your Rolfing series please inquire about the following services:

Cranial Manipulation

Individuals who struggle with headaches, migraines, chronic sinus problems, PTSD and sleep disturbances may find additional relief from receiving Cranial Sacral Manipulation. Many other health situations can improve with Cranial work. Call to discuss your situation in depth.

Cranial sessions involve a much lighter, longer touch as the therapist feels for the cranial rhythm that arises from the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the brain and spinal cord. A series of holds on the head, spine and sacrum are employed to smooth and balance this felt rhythm and dissipate stress in the central nervous system.

Clients report a deep sense of relaxation and often experience a sense of better alignment that they have become familiar with as a result of their Rolfing 10-series. Cranial sessions are 60 minutes in length and are available as a stand-alone modality, no prior Rolfing required. Clients most often seek a series of three to five sessions at a time.

Post Trauma Support

Some individuals find that Rolfing can be a helpful complement to professional counseling and transformational work associated with healing past emotional trauma and physical abuse. As habitual holding patterns associated with repressed emotion emerge, Rolfing and Rolf Movement work can help clients achieve a stronger sense of physical stability, safety and comfort in their bodies.

Workplace Ergonomics Consultation

Computers and sedentary time are commonplace today in most work environments. During a Rolfing series, the individual learns more efficient and comfortable ways of sitting, standing and moving to support lasting postural changes. Carrying this into daily life can be challenging given a variety of workplace ergonomics. When workplace equipment does not support healthy posture, increased injury rates (repetitive motion injuries) and lost work time are the result.

Comprehensive assessments of employee workspace and employee posture are available. Services include documented suggestions for constructive changes in equipment and positioning, as well as individualized Rolf movement coaching for employees in their workspace. Four hour minimum contract.

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