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  "What Happened to Your                  Shoulders?"

From adolescence to late-fifties, I experienced multiple separations in my left shoulder and an overuse injury from pitching in my right, resulting in my left shoulder standing significantly higher than my right. After just one session with Mary, my shoulder alignment was altered so much that a friend asked with confusion, "What happened to your shoulders?"

Injuries occurred to my sternum while participating in football and wrestling, causing a deformity in my breast plate. My ribs were repositioned, pushing them into my clavicle, causing neck and shoulder pain. This pain was excruciating, there was no relief lying in any position, making sleep very difficult. Rolfing repositioned my tissues, allowing me to breath and sleep comfortably.

Life is much better and tremendously less painful thanks to the amazing work of Mary Starich and the constructs of Rolfing! Thank you Mary for all your help!

Richard Moats, Four Corners, MD

About Your Rolfer


Mary Starich, PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfer, has 15+ years of professional experience supporting individuals in making beneficial and lasting changes to their physical health and overall wellness.

Mary certified as a Rolfer in 2001 and completed her Advanced Rolfing Certification in 2007. She has worked professionally in bodywork since 1998, upon completing her initial certification in massage therapy. She completed a two-year certification in Cranial Sacral manipulation in 2009 and is currently studying visceral manipulation and neurofascial release techniques.

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Prior to becoming a bodyworker, Mary completed Ph.D. studies in structural biochemistry and worked as a research scientist. She utilized Rolfing structural integration to recover from two auto accidents and eventually pursued bodywork training as a vocational desire to help people more directly by applying her study of basic science physiology.

       Mary hiking with her family

Mary provides services for a variety of client types, including individuals with injury and chronic pain issues, people who have completed routine physical therapy and are looking for additional mobility, competitive athletes, women addressing postpartum body changes, people who simply want to improve their posture and individuals supporting deeper personal change. She also enjoys working with children to improve their alignment, mobility, and physical ease.

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